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Starter Package

Pay Only Rs 599

Get Any 5 Services

(1.)Threading (2.)Fruit Bleach (3.)Back Massage (4.)Head Massage (5.)Pedicure/Manicure (6.)Hair Cut (Regular) (7.)Head Wash & Conditioner (8.)Full Leg Waxing (9.)Arm Waxing (10.)Under Arms

Super Package

Pay Only Rs 949

Get Any 8 Services

(1.)Facial(Fruit,Haldi Chandan) (2.)Fruit Bleach (3.)Hair Spa(Matrix) (4.)Head Wash (5.)Head Massage (6.)Hair Cut (Regular) (7.)Pedicure (8.)Manicure (9.)Threading (10.)Back Massage (11.)Full Leg Waxing (12.)Arm Waxing (13.)Under Arms (14.)Full Hand Scrubbing (15.)Full Leg Scrubbing (16.)Full Back Scrubbing (17.)Blow Dryer Straight (For 2 Services) (18.)Hair Wash & Conditioner

Deluxe Package

Pay Only Rs 1249

Get Any 10 Services

(1.)Facial(Aroma,Wine,Oxy,Haldi Chandan) (2.)Bleach(Oxy,Gold) (3.)Hair Spa(Matrix) (4.)Head Wash (5.)Head Massage (6.)Hair Cut (Regular) (7.)Deluxe Pedicure (8.)Deluxe Manicure (9.)Threading (10.)Back Massage (11.)Full Leg Waxing(Chocolate) (12.)Arm Waxing(Chocolate) (13.)Under Arms (14.)Full Hand Scrubbing (15.)Full Leg Scrubbing (16.)Full Back Scrubbing (17.)Hair Wash & Conditioner (18.)Blow Dryer Straight (For 2 Services)




Whenever you compare your unruly wavy locks with somebody else's sleek straight hair your stomach gives a slight twinge. You have tried everything you can to keep your hair looking straight but they are back to how they were. Consider Rebonding for the look like you have just stepped out of a fashion magazine.


A queen for the day, a bride is the center of attention, the cynosure of all eyes. Her beauty is admired by everyone around and especially by the groom who can barely keep his eyes off her. It`s an occasion worthy of all the time and attention that is devoted on making the bride look her gorgeous best.

Starter Package 499

Good makeup highlights your best assets and conceals your flaws. It also lets you rise to every occasion! So whether you have a party coming up, a wedding or just want a night out with the girls - today’s amazing offer gives you a complete makeover with the works from PD's Beauty Salon.


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